Followup Post: Dounis VIOLA Player’s Daily Dozen #howto video

Dounis VIOLA Player's Daily Dozen #howto video

As one of my quarantine projects, I decided to transcribe Dounis’ Daily Dozen warmup routine into alto clef, so that I could finally stop transposing the violin version down a fifth after ten years! When I released the transcription this February as a free pdf that any violist could download to enjoy themselves, I never imagined SO many thousands of violists around the globe would be as excited as I was about having the Daily Dozen in our own clef!

One of the violists who reached out to me after the pdf was released was the director of the Northern California Viola Society, requesting that I lead a recorded zoom session (found at the youtube link below) in which I walk a group of violists through the Daily Dozen, sharing tips and tricks on how to practice each exercise, what to make sure to keep/leave out if you need to condense your practice session, and general thoughts on how each exercise slowly and ingeniously changes your brain and technique over time. Please enjoy!

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