My #PandemicPaganiniProject

Molly Carr

When the whole world went into lockdown last March 2020, my first response was to dive into binging all of the Ozark seasons and discovering the newest flavors of Trader Joe’s ice creams. But after a few weeks of this routine (and very much-needed r&r…), I started to itch for new projects and sat down […]

Followup Post: Dounis VIOLA Player’s Daily Dozen #howto video

Dounis VIOLA Player's Daily Dozen #howto video

As one of my quarantine projects, I decided to transcribe Dounis’ Daily Dozen warmup routine into alto clef, so that I could finally stop transposing the violin version down a fifth after ten years! When I released the transcription this February as a free pdf that any violist could download to enjoy themselves, I never […]

The Dounis VIOLA Players’ Daily Dozen

Molly Carr

Going on 10 years ago, I was introduced to the magic of Dounis by a violinist colleague and good friend (Yuval Herz). Yuval relayed to me that he had incorporated a routine called the “Dounis Daily Dozen” into his practicing pretty much every day for a year, and it had dramatically changed his feel and […]

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