Finding and Defining Your GOALS AND DREAMS


Anyone ever heard this cliché phrase before and rolled your eyes?? Yeah. Me, too. But you know what? It’s actually a phrase I’ve decided I want to live by, and – from all I’ve seen in my life so far as an artist, business founder, teacher, and human – I think it holds truth. Why? Because we humans are drawn to passion. And when one human finds their particular brand of passion, all those around them become inspired, moved, and excited to get in on that spark, too!

“But how do you find your particular brand of passion?” I hear you asking… “How do you know what direction in life is the “one” for you?”

From what I’ve seen, working this out takes regular meditative time that includes honest self-assessment and LOTS of dreaming in your unhindered imagination – to determine, define, and ultimately continuously check in with what truly “lights you up” as a person, an artist, a teacher, a mom, a dad, a friend, a colleague… For the past decade or so, I have made sure to set aside time for this process a minimum of 2X per year. I also require all of my students to do this at least 1X per year in order to make sure we are using all of the tools they have inside themselves and are aiming as a team toward their ultimate dream life.

In order to help with this process, I have designed a worksheet (with very particular instructions at the top) called “GOALS AND DREAMS” that I use and require my students to use in order to get in touch with those parts of life and/or imagination that excite us and make us want to aim our efforts in a particular, clearly defined direction. Please feel free to use it, too!

All my best,

Molly Carr

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