Boutique Bourbon Distilleries, Jazz Clubs, and Heavenly Food: Why We Love Louisville

Anna Petrova, Molly Carr

Visiting a new city can be overwhelming – especially when that city is overflowing with exceptional options for food, drinks, entertainment, shopping, and places to explore. Luckily, Classical Post has started featuring a new type of artist interviews: Artist City Guides. Rather than rapidly googling the city you’re visiting the night before you get there […]

A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Molly Carr and Anna Petrova

We had a blast chatting with Hanna Marcus at the Classical Post, sharing about our dream vacations, favorite Louisville eateries, and much more! A Few Of Our Favorite Things: Carr-Petrova Duo Talk Dream Vacations, Louisville Eateries, and More “Your favorite classical musicians are like celebrities to you—you’re obsessed with their music, their talent, and of […]

Our #50Days4Refugees Journey

Our #50Days4Refugees Journey

From August 12th to October 1st, 2019, we launched #50Days4Refugees – a social media campaign which walked through our year of travels with the Novel Voices Refugee Aid Project from start to finish. During the campaign, we released a single story/image/clip a day in order to give our followers the chance to virtually travel with […]