Boutique Bourbon Distilleries, Jazz Clubs, and Heavenly Food: Why We Love Louisville

Anna Petrova, Molly Carr

Visiting a new city can be overwhelming – especially when that city is overflowing with exceptional options for food, drinks, entertainment, shopping, and places to explore. Luckily, Classical Post has started featuring a new type of artist interviews: Artist City Guides. Rather than rapidly googling the city you’re visiting the night before you get there for the best of the best restaurants, bars, and clubs, with Classical Post’s Artist City Guides, you can instead hear it first-hand from the classical music artists who spend most of their lives traveling while on tour!

We had a blast speaking with Hanna Marcus at the Classical Post about one of our favorite cities in the United States – Louisville, Kentucky! We shared our favorite places to eat, where to stay, what to visit, and how to enter full relaxation mode while sipping “Kingslayer” from Proof on Main!

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