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Music by Henrique Eisenmann/Beyoncé
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About the music

HALO is our first release in a series of releases leading up to International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2024 – the day our full HERS Album will be released to the world! This album will be comprised entirely of works by female composers, and is meant to vibrantly celebrate the vision, strength, resilience, and vital contributions of the female sex throughout history.

Each piece on the album tells its own unique story, and will lead its listeners through the inspirations, battles, and incredible accomplishments of eight fearless women – from the 13th century’s Hildegard Von Bingen to today’s Beyoncé – inviting audiences to share in the centuries of heartbreak, struggles, and triumphs that comprise the female experience.

The concept of this album began while in the midst of a cross-country road trip we took together during the height of the pandemic. With all of our concerts canceled in summer of 2020, we headed to REI to purchase all of the camp gear we could afford and hopped in the car without an itinerary – and for three months we moved from campground to campground exploring as many of the national parks across the US as we could manage. Our daily car rides and nightly fireside tunes included (singing at the top of our lungs, of course…) all of our favorite tunes across all genres; we had such fun jumping from Brahms to Beyoncé to Beach to Bieber to Bach – that we decided our next commissions, programs, and albums would defy genres boundaries and be comprised simply of all of our favorite music and most inspiring stories. And who could be more inspiring than the Queen herself? Beyoncé!!

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